About Us

Kazoo Cakes believe that there is nothing nicer than a home baked cake. With a lot of supermarkets offering value for money cakes, its hard to compete against their prices. However, a little knowledge about the love and attention to detail that goes into everyone of our cakes will hopefully honour the cost of our cakes.

Each and everyone of our cakes is initially discussed with you the customer. Your emails and telephone calls will in turn create your wonderful cake, its your ideas and inspiration that we use so each cake is unique and as individual as you want it to be. We can help you research ideas and themes if you are unsure what you want, or look into styles and help re-create something you have seen adding our own twist. There is no extra charge to create a bespoke cake, its all part of the service and what we do best. 

Once you have decided what you would like, the baking then commences. We use only the best ingredients but not by brand, by taste. We are continuously looking at new ingredients to use and compare against the ones we already use just incase there is something better... but we believe we offer a truly moist cake, full of yumminess that makes you want more and more! One slice is never enough.

All our cakes are baked the morning of when they are decorated and this is usually the day before your event, making sure that you get the best tasting cake. Sadly this means we aren't able to offer a cake within a 24 hour period, minimum of 48 hours is required to enable us to bake, cool, decorate and deliver. Each cake spends on average about 1 and half - 2 hours baking allowing a slow and perfect rise. 

The fillings (excluding the jams and curds) are all prepared freshly too, using a creamy butter and yummy flavourings, or 70% cocoa solids chocolate and cream for our ganache. The cakes all get a generous helping of fillings, and then a vanilla flavoured fondant covering. (Unless you are having a buttercream or ganache topping).

The covering and decoration process can take anything from 2 hours + to achieve your final creation and then we are happy to deliver your cake (free within 5 miles of HP2) to your home or where your event is being held, leaving you to enjoy it when it arrives!



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